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Furness Vale Primary School

Parent View Questionnaire – October 2018


Once again, I’d like to say a massive Thank You to everyone who took part in our questionnaire – we listen to your comments and take your thoughts and opinions on board!  We can only do this effectively if we know what your views are.  So, once again, thank you for spending time filling it in and sharing your views with us, it is very much appreciated – 74% of families participated.


Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Doesn’t apply
1 My child is happy at school 33 16 1
School’s Response:

It is incredibly important to us that children are happy in school.  We have a team of dedicated staff who work really hard to make the children feel safe and secure.  The responses you’ve given reflect the ethos of our school and how we strive to make everyone feel valued.  Happy children are productive learners!

2 My child feels safe at school 38 12
School’s Response:

It’s so reassuring to know that the children feel safe in school. We have always had a school council, but we are aware that they might not share the views of all the children, so we have started whole school circle time sessions.  The school council make notes at these sessions and have separate meetings to discuss them.  The Woodlands Group provides a nurturing environment to promote positive support for the child’s learning.  Also, the school strongly promotes mutual respect and encourages children to be caring towards one another.

3 My child makes good progress at school 31 18 1
School’s Response:

The children who start learning in our nursery get off to a flying start when they begin Reception.  We then work extremely hard as a team to make sure our children are always at the heart of learning.  We are using the ‘Chilli Challenge’ with our older children which means children choose the appropriate level of challenge – we are hoping that our younger children will also start to use this approach soon.

4 My child is well looked after at school 40 10
School’s Response:

I always tell prospective parents that being at Furness Vale School is like being part of a large family -we all know one another really well.  It’s always lovely to see children from different classes mixing together and our older children go out of their way to look after the younger ones.

5 My child is well taught at school 37 13
School’s Response:

We’re very proud of the fact that you think we do a good job of teaching your children – we are part of a nurturing, caring school that strives for high standards – it’s good to hear we’re getting the right balance.  Staff attend regular training and aren’t afraid to try new initiatives.

6 My child receives appropriate homework for their age 28 20 1 1
School’s Response:

There is a separate section for homework (no.19), please see there for a detailed response

7 This school makes sure the pupils are well behaved 32 16 1 1
School’s Response:

We have high expectations of behaviour, we expect children to behave well and make the right choices.  We are listening to what the children have to say about behaviour – their views are very important to us. We have systems in place to reward good behaviour but we are looking to strengthen it and offer further/more meaningful rewards to children who learn well and behave appropriately.

8 This school deals effectively with bullying 27 20 3
School’s Response:

This school has a zero-tolerance of bullying.  Many incidents happen in school, and the majority are just that, incidents.  However, when those incidents are purposeful, repetitive, unwanted and aggressive and involve a real or perceived power imbalance, action is taken.  It is vital that school is made aware when a child feels vulnerable, upset or hurt by another child.  We always address incidents if we know about them.

9 This school is well led and managed


36 13 1
School’s Response:

The school was going through a transition period when I arrived – we now have settled staff who put the needs of the children first and a team who are passionate about children’s learning.  There’s always more to do but we are on the right track.  All our leaders and staff are 100% committed to making the school successful – we are aspirational and determined to make Furness Vale the best it can possibly be, for every child.  Our Governing Board actively holds our leaders to account, contributes to the strategic development of the school, and supports the school with energy and enthusiasm.  Whilst the overall response is positive, there was a concern about communication.  This has been addressed in more detail in Q20

10 This school is a welcoming and pleasant place to visit 40 10
School’s Response:

Our governors and staff would definitely agree with all our parents on this question.  This is a lovely place to visit, staff care very much about children and, therefore, children care about each other.   Mrs Daniels, who is nearly always the first person seen when entering the school, runs the school office efficiently and with a smile – a massive thank you Mrs Daniels for being so approachable.

11 The school responds well to any concerns I raise 30 17 1 2
School’s Response:

All of us try to respond to concerns swiftly so that parents and children can be reassured that incidents/issues/concerns have been addressed.  There are always two members of staff outside in the mornings or you can always call Mrs Daniels if you need to talk to a member of staff.   If you would like to talk to me just let Mrs Daniels know and I’ll either call you or make an appointment – whichever you prefer.

12 I receive valuable information about my child’s progress 30 18 2
School’s Response:

As well as the two parents evening and end of year report, we are now also having open mornings/ afternoons.  We are linking them to what we have been doing in school.  For example, the RWI Phonics afternoon gave parents the opportunity to see what the children had been doing.  They also met our consultant who explained what RWI phonics actually is, how it works and how to support children’s reading at home.  Our next one will be for a different age group and will either be on times tables or Internet safety.

13 There are a good range of clubs for my child to enjoy 31 17 1 1
School’s Response:

We have introduced more sports clubs after school. Little Learners is aimed at our EYFS and KS1 children.  Luke runs it and he is very popular with the children – he teaches the children on Monday afternoons, too, so he has good relationships with the children.  Sam was doing Wednesday sports sessions – although we have tried different sports this has now finished.  However, we have still got Mr Best teaching lacrosse on a Friday.  He is happy to run the club for anyone in KS2.  Mr Waring is going to continue to do the chess club on Tuesdays – if anyone has an unwanted chess set at home, please bring it in, we never seem to have enough.  We will continue to ask the children which clubs they’d like to try.

14 The school has a good reputation in the local community 33 17
School’s Response:

Furness Vale Primary School has been at the heart of the community for many years.  Community members often call in and tell us their many connections to the school: generations of their family may have come here or they know people who’ve worked here or been on the governing board.  They talk fondly about the school and their memories of it. It is central to the community and we’re determined to keep it that way.  It is incredibly important to us that we have a good reputation – we want local children to come to the school – we want families to feel valued.  Having another ‘Good’ Ofsted and coming 4th in Derbyshire Schools for progress in reading is very important to us.  We also need to make sure that when parents have concerns, which they are bound to do, that they come and talk to school about it and not share concerns on social media – this won’t solve anything!

15 School visits and other outings are well planned and compliment the curriculum 31 19
School’s Response:

This term we brought in a specialist company to support the children’s learning about the Roman’.  We always try and match the visit or visitor to what the children are learning but we also recognise that it’s important to reward children with visits such as the pantomime or Matlock Farm.  We are always looking for opportunities to give the children wider experiences.

Yes No
16 Would you recommend Furness Vale Primary School to another parent? 100%
School’s Response:

Fantastic! We want you to recommend us to new families who come into the village.  That’s a huge vote of confidence in our ability to care for your children, to keep them safe and to educate them successfully.  We will continue to work hard, to provide the best education we can and maintain our high standards.

17 Do you know the school now has a Nursery and takes children from the age of 3? 98% 2%
School’s Response:

Our nursery children make excellent progress.  They have access to the teacher and a highly qualified teaching assistant.  We feel our school is stronger because we have a nursery and we take children from the age of three.  Please share this information within the community.

18 Is there any particular information you would like to see on the website?

School’s Response:

We are updating our nursery section.  We have loads to celebrate and want to make sure the website shows what we do.

When newsletters are written, they are shared with the website providers who upload the dates and events.  As a team, we need to make sure everyone takes responsibility for putting dates and events on the website.


  • New website is really good
  • No, maybe info on government funding cuts and links to relevant educational news
  • Nursery and prices
  • Road safety
  • More info about dates for the calendar and holiday dates
  • More future dates regarding holidays and events
  • More info about clubs (times/dates) more info on specific dates such as discos/picture day etc.
  • No, plenty of information on the website
  • Website is useful but doesn’t actively make make parents aware of dates, events, etc. It would be useful if an e-letter or usual newsletter was sent advising parents to check for more info
19 Tell us more about your child’s homework.  How easy/hard/challenging is it?  How long does it take? Would you like more/less?  Please say as much as you can so we can take your views into consideration when if change the homework system.

School’s Response:

I have included all the comments that were given. Thank you so much for sharing them.

I always think of homework as ‘Home Learning’. If children have learnt something at home they are welcome to share what they’ve done in school.  Home learning isn’t always about completing worksheets and getting things right, it’s about learning together, as a family, discussing the news or sharing information.  Instead of being something that causes stress it should be something to share.

Everyone has the choice for homework so that they don’t spend time doing something they don’t enjoy.  There are always options to take and, if you do something completely different, that’s fine too.  We want children to practice the skills they have learnt in school and expand their knowledge by doing research.  It’s very important that it’s not stressful.  If you are finding it overwhelming every week, come and discuss it so we can find a solution.

If children find a certain subject more difficult, they are less likely to do it for homework.   Therein lies the challenge.  If necessary, talk to the class teacher, find out exactly what your child is finding difficult and work on it.  Do it through games and use technology as appropriate.  Ask for support/advice if you are getting concerned.

As children get older, it would be remiss of us not to prepare the children for end of key stage assessments, therefore, for those children we do send worksheets/workbooks/test papers home and the children can get on with them independently.


  • My child receives just the right amount of homework and usually enjoys completing it.
  • It’s at the right ability
  • Spellings/Reading and Times tables are practised every night
  • Difficult for a child who’s working below the standard
  • I’d like more
  • My child enjoys the homework and reading the books (Rec).  My child doesn’t struggle and we go through it together
  • Amount of homework is Spot On. No more please
  • Good range of topics at appropriate level
  • Just the right amount that doesn’t take too long
  • My child enjoys doing homework, it takes about an hour
  • Struggles a bit with spellings but we are working on them.
  • Just right
  • My child enjoys doing it
  • Great having a choice
  • I reckon it’s just right
  • Just the right amount
  • Both children enjoy sharing their homework with us, too.
  • If they could have more homework that would be great
  • I think the homework is at the right level and I don’t think they have too much
  • We enjoy doing weekly homework with our child.  It is enough to spend time doing over a few days. We try to do more than needed and my child loves getting feedback – he rushes to check.
  • Homework is set at an appropriate level
  • The majority of the homework is interesting and worthwhile
  • What they get is fine
  • My child finds the homework easy to do, enjoys doing it and it takes about an hour
  • More feedback on homework, children peer mark it instead of the teacher
  • Homework usually takes about an hour; sometime easy and sometimes difficult depending on what the child chooses
  • My child’s homework is challenging for him and he works hard to complete it
  • My child enjoys it
  • I feel there is the correct amount of homework and it is aimed at the correct level of learning
  • I think my child receives an appropriate of homework.
  • I appreciate that they are given the option of different levels each week so that they can choose which to do depending on how they are feeling
  • My child really enjoys the varying homework and likes the fact she has a choice of possible subjects
  • My child enjoys the homework more now than the old homework. It takes between half an hour and 1 hour.
  • Homework is challenging sometimes, it is really varied, so perfect for getting him in the routine of doing homework
  • The homework is appropriate for their age.  My child finds it quite easy but can struggle to actually do it.
  • I think the homework is set well for children’s ability and there is always something that interests them. It probably takes about half an hour a week
  • It’s perfect for my child who always wants to please and loves to show it to family and school.
  • It has a great mix between numeracy and literacy – very happy


  • Homework is every week
  • Too much
  • Can be difficult – more instructions for parents
  • Pointless and waste of time – it hasn’t been marked
  • I don’t understand how they can pick their own work
  • Work is unmarked so errors are not corrected
  • My children dig their heals in more often than not
  • My child struggles to do it, it takes up to an hour and he often gets upset
  • It’s a struggle to get my child to do homework as my child struggles with certain things
  • It is not marked or acknowledged in the book


  • Have a homework club to support children who need extra support (twice)


20 Do you have anything else you’d like to share with us?

  • What’s really good about the school that you don’t want us to change?
  • If there was one thing you could change what would it be?
  • Do you have any specific concerns?
  • If you’d like an informal meeting please circle ‘Yes’ in the box below.  You can phone to make an appointment if you prefer.
  • If you’d rather write your concern please use the box on the right.

School’s Response:

Once again, the responses are incredibly positive, thank you for taking the time to write them, it means a lot to us and will help us to keep doing the things you really like and improve on the things you don’t.

Communication is something we can work on.  We want to make sure that information gets out early so that parents can organise activities around busy working/family lives.

We are setting up as Twitter account that should run alongside our website.  We are also making sure the PTFA get their events on the website, on Facebook, on twitter and in letters.

Lastly, we’ll double check all the information we put on the website so that nothing gets missed off (such as the Christingle Service).  And we’ll ask staff to give as much notice as possible about events they organise outside school hours (e.g. singing at local events).

At the same time, we are very grateful to all the staff and volunteers who take the time to organise and run events on our behalf.

If you would like to get involved, we do have an active PTFA who would welcome your input.


  • My child is happy coming to school so we wouldn’t change anything
  • No, happy with everything at the school
  • Well recommended school
  • The school is welcoming and the staff are very friendly
  • Both my children enjoy coming to school and tell us at home what they have been doing/learning about
  • Love the small and cosy feel of the school – our child feels secure and encouraged and loves the environment
  • It’s a great school and my child loves to come
  • My child has developed well and at an appropriate rate for their ability
  • I like the small class sizes – children get plenty of individual attention if they are finding any subject hard
  • Staff are always friendly and welcoming; it is a lovely school.
  • School are aware of my child’s home issues and are being very supportive
  • I am always happy to come in to discuss concerns or issues
  • The clubs that are available are good; good variation and of good standard
  • My child is happy at school and we are pleased with her developing skills
  • Breakfast and after school club provision
  • My child is in year 6, loves coming to school and loves the teachers
  • No concerns, really happy with my child’s progress and confidence
  • Location
  • Flexibility with breakfast and after school clubs has been fantastic for us
  • My child sometimes struggles so I help him and he is very proud of himself afterwards
  • Friendly school
  • Helpful staff
  • Fantastic support network for both child and parents
  • The school really makes the family and child feel like they are valued
  • The new newsletters are fab and I’m grateful to receive updates in them
  • The school is always welcoming and parents are encouraged to come in and discuss any concerns
  • Excellent school with great, friendly teachers and staff


  • Concerned about lack of progress and no updates other than parents’ meetings
  • More information about trips
  • More notice about which trips will happen
  • Less homework – reading and spelling every day is enough
  • Would like to spend more time in school seeing what the children have been doing. Would like Dojo to be used more – we love seeing what he’s been doing.
  • More grass outside
  • More information on progress throughout the year
  • Children to bring their own drinks in
  • Know about events or other news earlier


  • More choice of after-school clubs
  • Spanish lessons
  • Christmas play at the church
  • Swimming lessons
Would you like an informal meeting with Mrs Taylor? Yes No
4 46
Many parents call in the morning when, generally, I will answer the phone.  You can call at any time and if I’m not available, simply make an appointment.  I am often on the playground in the morning, too.


Analysis of Parent Questionnaire On Barriers And Support In School

Parent View Questionnaire February 2017



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