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Below is a list of links leading to our policies:

Acceptable Use of IT for Pupils Policy

Accessibility Plan

Administering Medication Policy

Admissions Policy

Adult Volunteer Helpers

After School Club

Allegations of Abuse Against Staff Policy


Appraisal Policy

Assessment Recording and Reporting


Authorised Leave of Absence and Flexible Working Policy

Behaviour & Discipline

Bring your own device to school policy

Character Education Policy

Charges and Remissions Policy

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Child Protection Policy EYFS

Children Missing Education Policy

Collecting Children from School Policy

Complaints Procedure Policy

Computer Disaster Recovery Plan

Critical Incident Plan

Data Protection Policy

Dog Policy


Early Career Teacher Induction Policy

Early Years Policy

Ensuring a good education for children with Health Needs who cannot attend School Policy

Equality Objectives Statement

Equality, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Evacuation Policy

Exclusion Policy

Extremism and Radicalisation Policy

FGM Appendix to Safeguarding

Financial Regulations, Procedures, and roles and responsibilities

First Aid Policy

Governors’ Allowances Policy

Governors’ Expenses Policy

Governors’ Privacy Notice

Grievance Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Instrument of Government

Intimate Care Policy

Looked After Children Policy

Pregnancy – Expectant Nursing Mothers Policy

Premises Management Policy

Primary Child Friendly Peer-on-Peer Abuse Policy

Primary Curriculum Policy

Primary Relationships and Health Education Policy

Privacy Notice – Staff

Privacy Notice for the School Workforce

Private Fostering Policy

Pupils with Additional Health Needs Policy

Pupil & Parent Privacy Notice

Recruitment and Selection Policy

Remote Learning Policy

Safer Recruitment

School Dinner Money Policy

Social Media Policy

Teacher Capability Policy

Teachers Pay Policy

Visitor Policy

Whistle Blowing

Written Statement of Behaviour Principles

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