SEN Information Report

It is important that all persons involved with your child work in collaboration with parents and carers. Where a pupil is receiving SEN support, we will talk to parents regularly to set clear outcomes and review progress towards them, discuss the activities and support that will help achieve them, and identify the responsibilities of the parent, the pupil and the school.

The views of the pupil will be included in these discussions. This may be through involving the pupil in all or part of the discussion itself, or gathering their views as part of the preparation
for target setting.

A record of the outcomes, action and support agreed through the discussion is kept and shared with all the appropriate school staff and a copy of all care plans can be viewed in the child’s folder in school.


If you want to talk to someone who is independent and knows about special educational needs, you can get advice from the local Derbyshire Information and Advice service or from national or local voluntary organisations.

Derbyshire Websites:


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What is the Derbyshire Local Offer?

Derbyshire’s Local Offer includes leisure and activity providers, health and care services, education providers and support groups.

The Local Offer simply aims to pull information about available services into one place and make it clear and accessible for you and your family.

Derbyshire local offer link below:

Local Offer

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