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BSS Future Shape – Transition – Pupils

BSS Future Shape – Transition – Parents Carers


Be Kind, Be Curious, Be connected

Please find below links for Pupils and Parents & Carers to help you get through these strangest of times:

BSS – Future Shape – Acknowledgement – Pupils

BSS – Future Shape – Acknowledgement – Parent & Carers


BSS – Future Shape – Connection – Pupils

BSS – Future Shape – Connection – Parents & Carers


In these strange times we all find ourselves we are all feeling the additional stresses and anxieties of this situation.

Thankfully we are not alone in this and there are many organisations out there who want to help.

The following website has been newly created to pool emotional and mental health resources for young people into one place and there are some really useful resources and websites listed here.

Camhs Resources

Beacon House is a great place for resources…If you haven’t seen it before, here is a link to their resource page (highly recommended)…

Beacon House

There is so much on there that it really is worth a browse! They seem to add to it often too.

I have just been looking at this particular resource and really like it…

What Survival Looks Like At Home.pdf

We will continue to add to this set of resources but if you have come across a website that you think is really helpful please let us know!

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