Dear Parents/Carers, Ofsted Monitoring Visit On Thursday 8th October 2020, we are being visited by two HMI Inspectors from Ofsted as they gather feedback on the National Picture following COVID-19. You may have seen, in the news, that they are making visits to a sample of schools during this term as they won’t begin their usual inspections until at least Christmas. Since September, we’ve had very positive feedback from staff, children and families.  We’ve balanced running the school in the usual way with enhanced cleaning, social distancing and personal hygiene. Our families are always a brilliant support to us, and we appreciate and recognise all you do. There won’t be anything different happening tomorrow for the children, school will run in the usual way.  There won’t be any parent’s questionnaires to complete (although I am doing one for the Parent’s Evenings in the next couple of weeks) and the inspectors won’t be coming outside to talk to you.  They will spend most of the day in my office, with me, other staff and, maybe, some children. Following the visit, we will receive a letter which will be shared on the website. Thank you Carol Taylor Headteacher