Dear Parents/Carers, We are very pleased to inform you that we are having a fob security system installed in the main entrance. We are aware that pass codes can become known and shared. Although this hasn’t been a security risk, we wanted to tighten up procedures so it doesn’t become one. This will affect then kamagra suomi arrangements we currently have in place each morning. At present, parents can bring children into school, visit the classroom, walk through school and leave through the main entrance.  This won’t be possible under the new system, as a fob will be needed to exit the building. Therefore, we are going to change the morning routine as follows:
  • Parents and children can come into the school grounds from 8:40 – parents are responsible for their children at this
  • At 8:45, a member of staff will come outside and stay with the children and parents – if parents have anything to discuss they can talk to the member of staff who will pass the message to the child’s
  • Parents can choose to stay or leave at this
  • At 8:55, the bell will be rung and the children will line up. The person on duty will send children into school and the main gate will be
  • Families who arrive late should still come to the main entrance where the children will be handed over to a member of staff,
The new system site is being installed by Monday May 1 4th. Therefore, we will start the new morning routine on this day. Thank you very much for your understanding. Don’t hesitate to come and talk to us if you have any concerns. Yours sincerely,   Mrs Carol Taylor Head Teacher