The staff and children arrived in school on Wednesday morning to find that someone had held a tea party overnight (even though the school was locked up). There was a selection of cakes and scones and half drunk cups of tea all over one of the tables in the Chill Zone.  Napkins had been scattered everywhere, too! We have had a full investigation into who had a tea party in the playground on Tuesday night. Mrs Jennings heard the commotion and called the police. The PCSOs came on Wednesday to help us find clues and investigate the scene. They returned today to finger-print the child who found and touched the receipt. We still haven’t worked out who it was but seeing as they had flashing torch lights, old-fashioned crockery and music from the 1940’s we suspect it might have been some of our more senior residents!! Or was it the Mad Hatter and his friends? We’re just not sure. The author, Alice Liddel (I wonder who she is?), wrote a newspaper report for the children in KS2 to learn and they will be writing their own reports soon. PCSO Lee Baker arrived to investigate and the found receipt was kept as evidence so that Tesco might be able to help find the perpetrators. The student who found the receipt had to be fingerprinted to eliminate him from police enquiries. He also had to complete an evidence form to show what he had found. We will keep you up to date of any new developments.  Please keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for any other strange developments!