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Preparing for School Life

Parents can help their children in a variety of ways before they start school. Please try to ensure that your child is able to:

  • dress and undress for Physical Education
  • use the toilet independently, and wash and dry their hands
  • use a knife, fork and spoon correctly
  • use a handkerchief

Also to help your child it is an advantage for them to:

  • have mixed with children and adults other than close family
  • read stories together with you
  • talk about stories and activities you have undertaken together
  • play with water, paper, paint and other media
  • be able to hold a pencil and to use a pair of scissors
  • develop manipulative skills, play with Lego™, jigsaws and balls

There is no reason why your child should not start reading before coming to school, but please do not place undue pressure upon them as this might put them off.  Encourage the enjoyment of books; use the local library and share books and comics together.

If you want more information to help your child to prepare for school, please speak to Mrs Taylor (Headteacher).

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