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Holidays and Unauthorised Absences

We are required to keep a record of attendance throughout the year, to publish figures and report them to the Local Authority (LA). Attendance is also something that Ofsted pay close attention to.

We believe that children need to be in school for all sessions, so that they can make the most progress possible and do not miss out on crucial learning which may put them at an educational disadvantage. However, we do understand that there are exceptional circumstances in which a parent may legitimately request leave of absence for a child to attend; this does not include family holidays as a general rule. We expect parents and carers to contact the school to obtain authorisation at least two weeks in advance.

Parents and carers have no statutory right to withdraw their children from school for a family holiday. Children are required to attend school for 190 days in a school year, leaving 175 days of weekends and school holidays. Parents and carers should arrange family holidays when their children are not required to be in school.

Our school considers pupils’ continuous attendance at school to be so essential for their academic achievement that it is not our policy to routinely authorise an allocation of term time holiday days to families. The Headteacher will individually consider each case.


Long-term absence

When children have an illness that means they will be away from school for over five days, the school will do all it can to send work home, so that, where possible, the child can keep in touch with the learning going on in their class.

If the absence is likely to continue for an extended period, or be a repetitive absence, the school will contact the Local Authority (LA) support services, so that arrangements can be made for the child to be given some tuition outside school, where possible.

The school will contact the parent or carer of any child who has an unauthorised absence. If a child has a repeated number of unauthorised absences, the parents or carers will be asked to visit the school to discuss the reasons. If the situation does not improve, the school will then contact the LA support services, they will visit the home and seek to ensure that the parents or carers understand the seriousness of the situation. If a family take their family on holiday during term time and this is unauthorised then a fine may be sanctioned.

The governors, supported by the LA, reserve the right to consider taking legal action, possibly resulting in a fixed penalty fine, against any parents or carers who repeatedly fail to accept their responsibility for sending their children to school on a regular basis or as above.

Parents will be informed if unauthorised absence has been recorded for their child.


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