We’re all in this together!

Please send us your photo’s to cheer us all up and to keep up with how we are all doing “Home” schooling!



Super horse riding skills! Next stop, the grand national!




















































Megan’s beautiful science work on adaptation. What a super drawing!

Megan making Egyptian bread for tea. Looks good!

Toby’s science experiment

Freya’s brilliant handprint fish and bee















Super lava lamp science Connie!

Super lava lamp science Connie!


Millie’s cereal box aquarium


Homeschooling on the patio – working hard on Maths.

Wheelie Practice!
















WoW Grace! We love your ‘NHS Warrior’ recycling project!



Pirate Eva

Eva’s shell















Eva’s bee work

Eva baking cakes















Cash painting the union flag


Matilda and Jackson have decorated their house for VE Day

Cash and Hank enjoying a walk















Theo the pirate is on an adventure!

Matilda the pirate is jumping from rock to rock to escape the crocodiles!















Gorgeous V E Day bunting.

Super drum Adam













Dougie practising his writing.

Dougie the Pirate, Ahoy!















Jakub has been busy making circuits.

Jakub has been learning how to use a drill. Anyone need any DIY doing?

Jake can’t wait to get back to riding his motorbike after lockdown. Cool hair colour!














Matilda listening for bees

Matilda’s birthday card for Tom















Cash playing

Cash baking cakes






Esmai’s Pirates Underpants

Millie completing her RWI


Matilda drawing buzzy bees

















Matilda having a teddy bear picnic

















Amelia’s amazing Andy Goldsworthy art project. Well done Amelia!


Great junk modelling Jackson!

Jackson’s junk model!


Megan’s brilliant animal which she has designed! Very cute.



Super homemade paper Alivia.













Hank and Cash enjoying outdoor movie night!

Jackson needed his waders for his river bug hunt.

Lucas made this brilliant robot for his recycling project.












Top marks on Olivia’s spelling test!



Congratulations Beth!














Adam used the glue gun to complete his recycled robot.

Fantastic pop art from Poppy, Alex, Sam and Leo.

Millie and her brilliant buzzy bees













Hugo completing his phonics task

Roman’s number work




Theo drawing hives and bees


Adam’s great junk model!

























Adam being careful with a glue gun!















Roman counting and playing a game



Eva’s number work

Theo being a Buzzy Bee

Freya learning her letter sounds















Leo’s amazing art work inspired by Andy Warhol.


Alivia made this super ‘Silva’ model of her bedroom.


Eva’s fantastic fact finding report

Eva’s beautiful writing



Liam is still happy and enjoying his spelling work.

Jake’s fantastic ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ work.






















Jake is working hard lengthening the garden path!



Millie listening to the story of The Tiger who came for Tea

Dougie’s fantastic writing















Theo on his scavenger hunt


Sam’s super story

Alex has been very busy researching a country and made this great poster



Well done Sam! Super work!

Alex and Sam learned some amazing origami skills

Gorgeous craft and origami from Beth.

Gorgeous craft and origami from Beth.

Gorgeous craft and origami from Beth.


Keep up the good work Morgan.

Fantastic maths boys!






Rhiannon’s Easter bonnet!

Great game of Monopoly.



















Here’s a picture of Gaia and her little sis cooking up a storm. She’s very sad to be missing the baking sale so we’ve just been baking anyway and I have told her I will buy their cakes!

Lilly’s Saffron Barker fact file not Harry Potter!



















Freya and her brother cooking and baking.

Art in the sunshine!













Jakub making bread with his big brother Josef. Lots of Maths measuring out the ingredients – bet it tastes great too!

Jakub and Theo busy making dens.















Scarlett has been busy with some beautiful creative writing.

Scarlett’s story continued…
















Scarlett’s story ending.



A very studious household!

Toby concentrating on his letters



Freya has made a beautiful butterfly.










Hugo is ordering numbers to 20















Amelia’s fantastic model of the solar system to go with her PowerPoint! Well done!!


Along with Maths and English, the Allen’s did some creative work.



School in session for Liam and Millie. Smashing this lockdown!














Jake drawing the Solar System.


Gregory teaching his Mum Maths.
















Taylor’s been busy sewing some beautiful masks for friends and family.



Cash playing a board game

Cash completing a jigsaw

















Theo saying ‘Happy Spring time’



Eva sharing her eggs with her dolls

Eva investigating floating and sinking objects

















Eva playing a game of target




Max planting some peas

Max doing some balancing

















Millie learning about sharing




Millie’s story

Millie’s seed is growing
















Roman counting and collecting



Theo making a ‘c’ sounding soup

Roman playing a game















That giant will be found in no time Beth!

Morgan’s made a work schedule with his mum, great idea Shelley!

Morgan’s made a work schedule with his mum, great idea Shelley!












Alivia’s feeling all cosy in her maths den.

Even the teachers are working out with Joe.

A very sensible rule 3 on Connie and Toby’s learning board!












Grace has created her own office, loving the glasses Grace.


Beth has being doing Joe Wicks Al fresco!

Connie has been hard at it.















Adam’s whole family have been working hard



William working hard on his maths.

Super bunny jumps Eliza!















Excellent phonics Morgan and Roman!


Olivia keeping fit with Joe Wicks!

Lucas has been a busy bee doing some planting!

Grace has been busy with some outside art, drawing around shadows of things.


The Atkins family are keeping super fit with Joe Wicks.

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