Jan 06

Update on School

6th January 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on what’s happening with school.

When we went into lockdown in March, it was very different.  We had the minimum number of children and staff in school in order to keep everyone safe.  We all stayed at home and nowhere was open.  This experience is very different.  During this second lockdown, we have made provision for more than half of our children.

I’m very grateful for parents keeping their children at home yesterday so that we could meet and discuss the best way forward.  We have been able to organise staffing and change things slightly to make sure we have everything in place for face to face and remote learning.

With having such a large proportion of children in school, teachers are doing face to face learning for the majority of the day.  They have small portions of time to plan, prepare, provide feedback, and respond to messages, etc.  Please send a Dojo if you have any queries or concerns and the teacher will get back to you as soon as they can.

We aim to provide all children with daily learning opportunities.  This might include worksheets, video links, online learning, power points, etc. and we will tailor the learning to closely match your child’s needs. Teachers and support staff have prepared work parcels, books and resources for collection, and they will be in regular contact with you.  Please send us photos of what your child /children are doing and share their learning with us.

If you are a critical worker or have a child who is vulnerable, then please get in touch so we can discuss options.  You should also let me know if your child/children do not have access to electronic devices or the internet.

We have a brilliant team at Furness Vale and it’s at times like these that you really appreciate how resilient they are and how well they look after one another.  We have also received many messages of support from parents – thank you!

Keep safe,

Best wishes

Carol Taylor


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