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Eskuzan with prostatitis that is part of the drug…


Congestive prostatitis in men causes, symptoms and best treatments Eskuzan with prostatitis: what is included in the composition of the drug, what should be the dosage and how long the treatment lasts
Let us examine what constitutes the drug Eskuzan and what should be the dosage of the means, how long the treatment lasts.

How to take Escusan with prostatitis: the course and treatment regimen

Men who experience inflammation of the prostate are often advised to use Eskuzan for prostatitis. In this article we consider the composition, properties, as well as the method of use of this drug.

The content of the article

  • What is prostatitis?
  • Composition
  • Operating principle
  • Release form and method of application
  • Useful video: about drugs for the treatment of prostatitis
  • special instructions
  • Side effects
  • Analogs
  • Useful video: about horse chestnut, its beneficial properties and application
  • Conclusion

What is prostatitis?

Although modern medicine is actively developing, there is no universal method for getting rid of this ailment. However, a new drug eliminates symptoms, effectively fights the disease and significantly improves the condition.

Doctors classify forms of prostatitis into acute and chronic. If the former is characterized by a rather tangible pain syndrome and uncomfortable sensations, the chronic form is often called “lethargic,” that is, the symptoms are shredz athletes on steroids not pronounced, and it is difficult to detect the disease.

Despite this fact, for the purpose of prophylaxis, as well as in the complex therapy of inflammation of the prostate gland, the drug Eskuzan, the main active ingredient in the composition of which is horse chestnut, manifests itself well.


In addition to horse chestnut extract, this remedy for prostatitis contains thiamine (vitamin B1). With his shortage, the man feels constant fatigue, has problems with memory and appetite, he has a depressive state.

Note! The main component that is found in horse chestnut is escin.

This substance has an angioprotective and venotonic effect. The drug relieves swelling, is an antioxidant.

Also included in the product are the following components:

  • Flavonoids. Protect cells from destruction, prevent the development of cancer, as well as premature aging. They have a beneficial effect on the circulatory, cardiovascular, and digestive systems.
  • Vitamin C. It has a powerful antioxidant effect, protects the body from the spread of cancer cells. It helps strengthen the immune system, improve tissue growth, as well as their recovery, and normalizes the work of the external secretion organs.
  • Glycosides. Normalize the functioning of the heart and central nervous system, facilitate the process of urination. In addition, they neutralize harmful bacteria.
  • Phylloquinone (vitamin K). This substance is needed to restore the process of blood clotting, the functioning of the kidneys and liver.
  • Pectins. Contribute to the removal of harmful elements from the body, reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, improve metabolism.

Organic acids found in Escuzane are responsible for removing toxins and strengthening blood vessels, fatty oils relieve inflammation, and tannins cause the death of microbes.

Thiamine is needed to prevent oxidative processes, improve the functioning of the brain and heart muscle.

Operating principle

The properties possessed by drops of Eskuzan are as follows:

  1. Small capillaries and veins in the male urinary organs (especially in the prostate) become more elastic. This property is due to the fact that under the influence of this drug from prostatitis, aldosterone is actively produced – a hormone that is responsible for the reduction of blood vessels.
  2. Vessels in the pelvic organs become less fragile, thereby increasing the stability of their walls, and eliminates swelling of the prostate gland.
  3. The active ingredients of the drug have a positive effect on the venous outflow of blood from a male inflamed organ, thereby preventing the development of congestion, and therefore, reducing pain and discomfort.
  4. The medicine for prostatitis has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.
  5. Takes part in recovery processes.

The drug has become popular not only due to the fact that it has a positive effect on all forms of prostatitis, but also because it is combined with other medicines.

The drug acts as follows:

  • reduces the permeability of the vascular system;
  • Eskuzan with prostatitis that is part of the drug...
  • normalizes pressure in arteries and veins;
  • improves the functioning of the circulatory system;
  • reduces the risk of stagnation and edema.

A unique feature of the herbal preparation is that it normalizes blood circulation and strengthens the vascular walls, therefore it has a beneficial effect for potency.

Release casey viator bodybuilder form and method of application

At the moment, a remedy for prostatitis on a plant basis is available in two forms:

  • alcohol tincture for internal use;
  • tablets containing 20, 50 or 100 mg of the active ingredient.

In order for the treatment of prostatitis Eskuzan to be effective, it is necessary to strictly observe the dosage and method of use specified in the instructions.

It is better if the therapy will be prescribed by the attending physician, taking into account the severity of the disease and the individual characteristics of the man’s body.

In addition, there are standard guidelines for the use of Eskuzana from prostatitis:

  • The drug in the form of tablets is taken as follows: one tablet is drunk 3 times a day, half an hour after eating the food. If there is no positive effect, increase the dose. However, this can be done only after consulting with a competent doctor. The course of treatment is 90 days.
  • Drops for prostate taken according to this scheme: 15 drops three times a day, 40 minutes after eating. Pre-medication is dissolved in 50 ml of pure water. The course of treatment lasts 2-3 months. In the acute form of inflammation of the prostate gland, the first time the medicine is taken in a dose of 50 drops, then the medicine is taken according to the prescribed regimen.

Drops for prostatitis can not be used if the patient is the driver of the vehicle.

On the Internet, you can find a lot of positive reviews about the drug for men who are faced with a disease such as prostatitis, and used for the treatment of Eskuzan. They indicate that this horse chestnut-based herbal preparation is highly effective, quickly eliminating pain syndrome, improving the work of the prostate and the general condition of the genitourinary system.

Eskuzan does not lose its properties when using antibacterial agents and suppositories.

Useful video: about drugs for the treatment of prostatitis

special instructions

Before taking the drug should always shake the bottle with drops. You also need to look to not expired, which is 36 months. The drug should not be stored in the cold and subjected to freezing.

Note! The drops contain ethanol, so the maximum daily dose should be 300 mg.

If the solution is stored for a long time, it may darken and a precipitate may appear – this does not affect the properties of the drug in any way.

During therapy with the use of this drug in the form of an alcohol tincture, you should be careful who drives a car or works with complex mechanisms, again because of the presence of ethyl alcohol in the composition. It is not recommended to combine Eskuzan with drugs such as Fluorouracil (which has an antitumor effect), as well as cytostatics – Cisplatin and Vinblastine.

Side effects

  • irritation of the mucous organs of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis is extremely rare);
  • nausea, in some cases – vomiting;
  • stool disorders;
  • allergic reactions – reddening of the skin, rash.


Analogs are:

  • Aescin. It is indicated for chronic venous insufficiency, hemorrhoids, used as prevention and treatment of post-traumatic / postoperative edema / hematoma.
  • Venitan. This medication is usually used in the treatment of venous insufficiency, as well as varicose veins.

Useful video: about horse chestnut, its beneficial properties and application


The prostate gland plays an important role in the body of a man, taking responsibility for the quality and quantity of seminal fluid. For this reason, it is extremely fetish wrestler important to start comprehensive therapy in a timely manner to restore normal operation of the affected organ and prevent the development of severe complications, which include impotence.

Eskuzan with prostatitis that is part of the drug...